Stacy N. Hackett

Consumer and trade writing for the pet industry

Cats, dogs, parakeets, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs, even aquarium fish…these pets and more have enriched Stacy N. Hackett’s life since she was born. Raised in an animal-loving home, Stacy grew up learning about pet care and experiencing the unconditional love and acceptance pets give their human companions. It was no wonder, then, that Stacy pursued a career in the pet industry, writing about the pet animals she loved.

     That career started in 1990 when Stacy was hired as assistant editor for Cat Fancy magazine. She helped launch Cats USA in 1994, then went on to launch Critters USA in 1995 followed by Rabbits USA, Ferrets USA and Rabbits in the following year. In 1996, she stepped up to head Pet Product News magazine as editor in chief, while retaining responsibility for the Critters' stable of annual magazines.

     When Stacy pursued a technical writing position at Boeing in 1998, she continued to write care articles, breed profiles, news briefs, book reviews and more for Cat Fancy, Pet Product News, Ponds USA, Critters USA, Rabbits, Cats USA and Kittens 101—a role she maintains today. Stacy also contributes timely newsworthy material to, and

     She also maintains her love of pets. She currently lives with a 7-year-old red tabby shorthair named Jack and a 3-year-old grey tabby and white shorthair named Phillip. Both cats were adopted from adoption events at local pet stores. Stacy also provides care in a “step-mom” role to Maggie, a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel/yellow Lab mix, and two brown tabby shorthaired cats (Leroy and Katie). She loves all these pets unconditionally but still misses Jordan, the sweet Cornish Rex she first met at a cat show in 1990. Jordan lived with her for 14 years, and the Cornish Rex breed will always have a special place in her heart.

     Outside of the pet industry, Stacy has worked as a technical writer in the telecommunications and aerospace arenas. She earned her bachelor of arts in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in computer studies from California State University, Long Beach.